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The F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association, is a voluntary bar association located in Palm Beach County. In the late 1970’s a group of Black attorneys from West Palm Beach began meeting informally on a monthly basis at a local restaurant. Among them were the Honorable Edward Rodgers, the Honorable Catherine Brunson, the Honorable Moses Baker, William Holland, T.J. Cunningham, Sr., F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. to name a few. Because of the positive impact Frank Malcolm Cunningham had as a member of the organization and in the community, after his death in 1978 the organization was formally named F. Malcolm Cunningham Sr., Bar Association.



Hershley Ogé, Esquire

FMCBA Members:

No true change comes overnight. History tells us that long-term goals lead to long lasting success. Denise Mutamba, your president elect, and I have agreed to have a joint theme of “Devoted and Committed to Community Involvement Through Social Justice and Mentorship” for 2020-2022. It will take time and dedication to achieve this worthwhile goal. We are ready to work and make a difference.

There has always been amazing number of individuals that have helped me throughout this entire process that we call life. But sometimes there wasn't. We pick mentorship as a part of our theme because of those times that we didn't have someone to help. They need to see us in the schools and in our community. We want the future of Palm Beach to know that they can reach their wildest dreams. In addition to community outreach, I will be setting up a mentorship program within the bar association. As a member of FMCBA, I encourage you to mentor and foster new relationships.

In addition to mentorship we will focus of achieving social justice. There are some acts of violence that stay on our hearts for years and years to come. As the media shifts its attention away from the Black Lives Matter movement.  F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association is here to tell you that we will not waiver or have our attention pulled so easily. We're going to come together in effort to alleviate this problem that we face. We are going to work on the multiple avenues to proposed new policies and legislation. We will work with community partners to bring the conversation to the forefront.   

This year I am proud to be your president during the 20th year anniversary of the Holland luncheon. Every year we give scholarships to African American students about to take that bar exam. The last thing that should be on these young scholar’s minds should be lack of funds. We want to celebrate the 20th year of William M. Holland legacy by awarding the most scholarships that we've ever had. When I call upon you to help me celebrate this legacy, I hope your answer will be yes. I'm excited about my year but I can't do it all alone. I'm calling on you, the members of this organization to step up and join a committee, agreed to sponsor an event, join a social justice initiative, and sign up for a mentee or a mentor. Because Covid-19 or not we have a duty to serve our community.

In Service,

Hershley Ogé, Esq, President 2020-2021

F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association


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